推荐使用17CE APP

  • Trend analysis

    It can mastery website performance curve and provide a powerful refer for site speed optimization. [More]

  • Error analysis

    Error analysis of monitoring data for all day, Website access error in what time.... [More]

  • Regional analysis

    Through regional analysis, it can quickly find out where the site is running slowly [More]

  • ISP analysis

    Through ISP analysis, it can quickly find the site in which operators to run slowly [More]

  • Monitoring point analysis

    Provide monitoring point data in order to reverse lookup [More]

speed ranking today week month

ranking domain time
1 0.121s
2 0.133s
3 m.714.com 0.137s
4 www.714.com 0.145s
5 www.usstu.com 0.179s
6 www.ce.cn 0.182s
7 live.win007.com 0.186s
8 www.aeink.com 0.202s
9 0.204s
10 www.qdodoapp.com 0.239s

latest speed

domain type time
api.legotech.cn get 0.271s
game.96time.cn get 3.667s
xm722.com get 2.183s
ag83727.com get 1.752s
wgn03.xyz get 3.437s
www.sjwyx.com get 1.129s
kaiche10.pw get 3.833s
999787f.com get 2.856s
361gc.com get 1.195s


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